A Colonel Named Sanders

“What does God look like, and what does He do?”
“Don’t ask me. God’s God. He’s everywhere, watchng what we do, judging whether it’s good or bad.”
“Sounds like a soccer referee.”
“Sort of, i guess.”

“So God wears shorts, has a whistle sticking out of His mouth, and keeps an eye on the clock?”
“You know that’s not what i mean,” Hoshino said.

“Are the Japanese God and the foreign God relatives, or maybe enemies?”
“How should i know?”

“Listen – God only exists in people’s minds. Especially in Japan, God’s always been kind of a flexible concept. Look at what happened after the war. Douglas MacArthur ordered the divine emperor to quit being God, and he did, making a speech saying he was just an ordinary person. So after 1946 he wasn’t God anymore. That’s what Japanese Gods are like – they can be tweaked and adjusted. Some American chomping on a cheap pipe gives the order and presto change-o – God’s no longer God. A very postmodern kind of thing. If you think God’s there, He is. If you dont, He isn’t. And if that’s what God’s like, i wouldn’t worry about it.”

Stunned in amazement, i was. Here’s my quick resolution: I will try converse with cats.


4 responses to “A Colonel Named Sanders

  1. gak ngerti hubungannya sama coloner sanders ~_~

  2. lo baca buku haruki murakami yang judulnya “Kafka on the shore”, pet….

  3. indieschmindie

    haha i love this 😀

  4. so does the G.O.D exist pang? my japanese friend doesnt believe in God and he’s living a very peaceful life. I do believe in God, and yet i feel exactly like my japanese scumbag friend…
    jadi sebenernya ini mirip2 sama orientasi sexual. Pada akhirnya kita harus memilih. Gw memilih hetero. Dan u ga perlu khawatir ttg pilihan u sebagai SukMa. Itu hak asasi. Orang lain ga bisa intervensi dan mendoktrin.

    Ps : SukMa, Suka Sesama… *guling2*

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